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About Sandler Studio Inc.

Sandler Studio Inc. develops large-scale sculpture and media projects for installation in unconventional environments. Under the direction of Ilan Sandler, the Studio works with a network of professionals to collaborate in the design, fabrication, site development and installation of unique public artworks. Projects to date emphasize relationships among society, urban environments, and the natural world in order to directly engage the public. In 2000 he began experimenting with approaches and techniques to creating public art by combining industrial processes with emerging new media and rapid prototyping technology, and those experiments led him to found Sandler Studio as a research/production space for public projects. His major projects until 2005 included long-term temporary installations in unconventional sites: Arrest at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia; Pulse for the city of St. Louis; and Double Storey at the Toronto Sculpture Garden, as well as other mobile sensory and temporary projects in New York City, Philadelphia, and Connecticut. By 2006 his studio could support the production of large-scale pieces for national and international public art competitions. Although some of these public pieces have a textual or media component, in general his work references contemporary objects that are in common use and resonate across cultures, including books, wheels, sheaves of paper, tables, chairs, and water vessels. Recent permanent public artworks include A Departure in Lethbridge (2009), What’s Your Name? (2011) and The Vessel (2011) in Toronto. Upcoming permanent public art commissions include Under the Helmet (2013) in Calgary and both Lace Up (2013) and The School Chair (2013) in Halifax. In 2012 his new series of Urban Artworks called Stolen Parts was premiered in Stockholm. He has received numerous awards, including grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Nova Scotia Department of Culture.

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Ilan Sandler
Bio & CV (PDF)

Mireille Bourgeois
Art Manager

Daniel Brazzell
Fabricator & Welder

Patti Nicholson
Studio Assistant

Jennifer Brittan
Research Assistant