Under the Helmet

Installation 2014
Windsor Park Emergency Response Station
Commissioned by: The City of Calgary
5.9m x 5.7m x 7.9m
Under The Helmet leans towards the Windsor Park Emergency Response Station’s South wall. The sculpture’s visor is raised hovering close to the architectural detailing that wraps around the building. When passing by the station viewers see a helmet poised in an upright position, at rest and in its dormant position the sculpture’s organic surfacing and curvilinear forms are in dialogue with the linear geometry of the building. When viewers walk along the curved path beneath the helmet they can enter the “head space” of emergency response workers as they look up into the helmet’s interior geometry. The sculpture’s brim and spine are made from cast aluminum panels whose compound surfaces have subtle organic traces of the material textures associated with fire fighters’ jackets, hoses and head gear.